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Bouygues Asia's Network

Bouygues Asia has been developping a strong network in Asia for 15 years (mostly Japan, Korea, China and Singapour).

Bouygues group is a worldwide company, and has connexion everywhere. We can make it easier for you to find connexions in Europe

Bouygues Asia regularly organizes or receives learning expeditions or visits from high hierarchy people. We always make them visit Place2B and talk with our members. This is a great opportunity for you !


La French Tech is the term used to describe the French startup community: entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, incubators, public organizations, etc. committed to help each other to for the growth of French startups and to their international prosperity.

The French Tech initiative stimulates in Tokyo a collective dynamic within a community of more than 600 members. On the one hand, La French Tech Tokyo helps the local community of entrepreneurs to unite and to improve its visibility in Japanese ecosystem, and on the other hand, it helps Japanese actors stakeholders to understand better the French ecosystem, to find partners and to develop in French and European market.

From gaming to biotechs, from IoT to FinTech, everyone in every sector is welcome to participate!

More info : Website |Twitter | Facebook

Place2B & La French Tech

Bouygues Asia and Place2B are actively supporting the French Tech initiative to promote French communities of startups and entrepreneurs around the world.

We also want our members to benefit from this community. We will help you to become a part of La French Tech and give you the opportunity to participate to its dynamic.

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Place2B is currently thinking to implement a partnership with N15, a coworking space and accelerator in Korea and some other countries.

We would like to exchange freely our members when they travel, in order to mix people and to offer a place to stay for those who travel.

We will keep you in touch !