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Nobody builds a business alone

Networking is a hard and long-term commitment. However, it is a fantastic tool to boost your business.

For over 15 years, Bouygues Asia has been developing a strong network all over Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore) with international companies, public institutions and local startups. Today, we are happy to open this strong network with our members, because we believe that sharing is key to success.

On top of that, Place2B regularly receives visits of top executives from diverse horizons. We always make sure to introduce them to our members.

You never know what opportunities you will discover !


La French Tech is the term used to describe the French startup community: entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, incubators, public organizations, etc. committed to support the international expansion of French startups.

In Tokyo, the French Tech community gathers over 700 members: from gaming to biotech, IoT to FinTech, everyone in every sector is welcome to participate!

Place2B & La French Tech

Bouygues Asia and Place2B are actively supporting the French Tech ecosystem. Our space is a key location for the community, as we regularly open the space for French Tech activities such as events and meetings.

Place2B will help you to become a part of La French Tech: meet new people in tech, get new business opportunities, be involved in the dynamic !

More info about La French Tech: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Place2B is currently implementing some key partnerships with coworking spaces and accelerators in Asia and Europe.

Stay tuned for more info.