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Feedbacks from Vivatech 2019, May 28th

● What are top tech trends in 2019 ?
● With Samir Bennafla, Head of Open Innovation at Bouygues Asia ● Details and registration: here


Past Events


Open Innovation in Asia, May 8th

● Creating bridging between corporates and the innovation ecosystem
● With Mathieu Toulemonde, CEO of Agorize Asia
● Co-organized with Agorize
● 15 participants



Corporate Innovation, April 18th

● How to work with startups to create a winning strategy?
● How to become the missing link between corporates and innovators?
● What is the future of Global Open Innovation?
● Co-organized with Agorize and La French Tech
● 50 attendees



Gaming Workshop, April 11th

● How to begin a career in gaming ? What are the different jobs ?
● Co-organized with Le Club V.I.E
● Event in French
● 15 attendees



Angel Inc. First Tuesday #22, April 2nd

● Organized by Angel Inc.
● First Tuesday aims to connect entrepreneurs with investors and professionals who are passionate about helping them!
● 35 attendees



Women and Tech, March 7th

● Round table about how to reduce gender gap in Tech and innovation
● 10 attendees
● Free



Build and develop your business in Japan, February 2019

● Presentation of Angels Inc. LegalTech incorporation platform by Jacques DEGUEST
● Presentation of Monozukuri Subsidy by an expert consultant from TOSBEC
● Co-organized with La French Tech Tokyo
● Free
● 30 attendees



What trends for 2019? January 2019

● Feedbacks from CES 2019 by Pierre MUSTIERE
● 20 attendees
● Free



Corporate Innovation : how to take your business to the next level? January 2019

● Co-organised with French Founders
● Cocktail by La French Touch
● Talk about innovation in large companies
● 15 attendees



Back to School, La Rentrée de la French Tech, October 2018

● Greetings from the French Tech Tokyo’s Team
● Tech journalists from France
● 60 attendees
● Free

Back to School.jpg


GitLab, Hands-On Workshop, September 2018

● Co-organized with Yamaneco
● 20 attendees
● Free



Tokyo FlyLancer Community Meet-up, July 2018

● Co-organized with Freelancers & Digital Nomads
● Discussions around how to launch and do business in Japan
● 30 attendees
● Free



ELCRO - Conference on The Future of Fintech, July 2018

● Co-organized with RealCRO
● 30 attendees
● 3000 JPY



PLACE2B Inauguration, February 2018

Pierre MUSTIERE, CEO Bouygues Asia, Christophe LIENARD, Innovation Director Bouygues Group, Laurent PIC, the French Ambassador in Japan, Jean-Michel SERRE, Co-President of French Tech Tokyo

● 50 attendees
● Free